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poor pathetic kitty update

The chemo was going relatively well (the vet said she could feel a size difference). Unfortunately, he stopped eating. At all. So, we put in a feeding tube. It's not like with people - he's not attached to a machine or anything - it's not last-ditch, like it is usually with humans. He's just got this really pathetic-looking collar which anchors the feeding tube that goes right into his trachea, and we can put food (and medicine!) straight into the tube.

So hopefully that can get us over the hump where the chemo makes him feel better enough to eat again. meanwhile, we don't have to wrestle him to give him medicine, which is a real selling point. Neither of us is talented in medicating cats. There's a knack.

I can't believe how much money we're spending, and yet I can't bring myself to say, "no we can't afford that". Good thing we paid off all the credit cards in January.